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Themes and presentations

Meeting Topic
Autumn 2018Strategies to promote young researchers, instruments, tools (workshops, summer school) 
Spring 2019Open Science themes
Autumn 2019Open science (contd), International cooperation between the research councils
Spring 2020Developing a EoI letter to NordForsk board to initiate a call for networks in NOS-N research fields
Autumn 2020Gender balance in research funding, how to use gender statistics.
Spring 2021Final reporting.
Autumn 2021Objectives and activities of NOS-N
Spring 2022Private and industry funding of research in the Nordic countries.
Autumn 2022National Centres of Excellence: Structure, policy, selection processes. 
Spring 2023Research funders’ role in the green transition (and mitigating climate change) and relevant national policies. 
Autumn 2023Inventory of national research infrastructures of interest in a Nordic context.
Spring 2024Evaluating the research assessment.